Márcia Porto

In my work I operate in the symbolic field. I explore the relationship between literature, historical sources, alchemy, personal histories, and current events. I create self-fictional narratives contaminated by these references. The narratives unfold in series of drawings where the presence of the Ginaiques, a group of women simultaneously self-referential and foreign, and who communicate through long braids, is recurrent.

Between the word and the creation of the image, I interpret ritualistically the scenes that appear. From these performances are born the movements, the gestures and the time of the compositions of the drawings. Multi-faceted thoughts, the drawings are also reworked in paintings, murals, installations and performances where I experiment to extend the spatial and ritualistic relations generated in the narratives through recurrent operations.


* The Ginaiques (γυναίκες means women in Greek)


It is said that these women longed for a place to come. Wandering as they were, they spent one day in four words: inversion, transposition, flood and irradiation. Many generations ago, the Ginaiques forgot their origin and, freed from the order of time, evoke:


-"When did we leave the door open?"

    © 2017 by Márcia Porto

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